The Indoor Farming University Network (IFUN) is founded to help the indoor farming industry build strategic partnerships across the world with higher education institutions and other stakeholders. Drawing attention to the importance of research in this innovative field during the climate crisis era will be IFUN’s main priority.

This network’s main objectives are:

  • Create an international, diverse network of academic institutions
  • Facilitate communication on research proposals 
  • Foster exchange of students through programs for developing countries 
  • Organize webinars and workshops for students 
  • Disseminate research experience, data, and results 
  • Promote CEA courses created by its members 

IFUN will simplify and support the collaboration between universities and research departments. Your university will benefit from our network in the following ways: 

  • Initiate interdisciplinary partnerships in research and beyond 
  • Consortium building for grant applications
  • Identify knowledge gaps in indoor farming 
  • Build a platform to disseminate scientific and applied research 
  • Support the education of interested researchers, decision-makers and the general public 

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